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Would you love to learn how to make any of these necklaces, Learning to bead can be so much fun, Many customers tell us it's the way they relax, they take out their beads and begin to create and all their troubles are forgotten, Great Therapy, As we say what happens at the bead store stays at the bead store.  At Bead Addiction we want you to learn new beading techniques and just plain have fun.  Do you just love the way one of these projects looks, Do you want to learn a new beading technique, Some are very simple techniques to learn some are more advanced and need a little more skill.  One class is even free, yes free you purchase the supplies for the daydreamer necklace and we will show you how to create it for free. Jill Wiseman is a skilled beader offering many patterns and projects for beaders, she has given us permission to teach some of her free patterns. We will be teaching the Daydreamer rope and the pixie dust necklace for now and adding a few more in the near future.  Check out the bracelets for Jill's free pattern for the festival of Lights bangle pattern,  Some of the available classes are Right Angle Weave or commonly referred to as RAW or maybe the St Petersburg stitch, Do you have a interest in learning to wire wrap, if so take the trio of wire wraps Pendant class and learn how to wrap beach glass and small treasures, during the class the beading student will learn three different techniques , You will learn how to cage a object, how to wrap a cabochon and how to do a free form wrap.   Peyote stitch is a must for the bead weaver but once learned the variations and uses for the peyote stitch will amaze you.Maybe you would like to learn the basic spiral or maybe even the cellini spiral.  Pearl knotting is another technique that every beader should learn you may use it for the traditional pearl knotting technique you might use it in multimedia  techniques .  A class in Kumihimo can be such a wonderful class for the jewelry maker. You can use basic cords to hold a pendant or you can learn to Kumihimo with beads.  Learning to bead is such fun,

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