Bead embroidery, Bead Addiction
Bead embroidery, Bead Addiction

Bead Embroidery

August 19th

11 am  to 1:30 pm

$35.00 Plus materials

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Learn the beautiful art of bead embroidery.   Many students who take this class find  a new avenue for a very creative beading technique. While at Bead Addiction the student will learn about planning their project, about using a base, and how to execute intricate design, you will also learn finishing technique and wrapping onto a bracelet blank. the beading student will learn how to add ultra suede to complete the piece.   These projects  can be made with found treasures, small pieces of this and that, parts from other things, Pieces of broken jewelry, left over seed beads, Your imagination is the only limitation, once learned you can use leftover beads you can combine them  with interesting objects to make fabulously detailed beaded jewelry.  These bracelets look so complicated but the look is deceiving once a few basic beading  techniques are learned the student is set to create their own beaded masterpiece. Give it a try and see what fun you can have. If you like free form and whimsy this is the perfect beading class for you.Learn to bead your own masterpieces. You will enjoy working with things from the bead store and combining them with found treasures try using seed beads, Crystal, cup chain, sea glass, tiny pearls the  possibilities are endless,beads, bead embroidery, learn to bead, how to bead, how to bead, 

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