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Beaded Beads and Pearls Necklace Class

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$35.00 plus materials  

Learn to create this fabulous necklace, During your beading class   you will learn to create each of your beaded beads, This project is a bead as you go necklace so as you bead each bead you string the spacers then bead another bead so when you finish making your beads your  project is almost complete.  All you have to do is add your clasp, Wonderful easy technique.  As you create your beads  you string your finished piece  an interesting  beading technique.This is not the traditional beaded bead which you would create each bead  and then string your necklace.  In this fun piece you build your beaded bead add some additional beads and   continue on with additional beads  then just add your clasp and Elegance has been created.  What a fun beading class. During your beading class you should complete your necklace, ideal for a beginner or intermediate beader. At Bead Addiction we just love the easy beading classes that look like it was complicated but is actually really easy 

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