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So its time for the little ladies birthday Party, Your tired of the jump trax and all the regular old birthday party ideas,  She's feeling a little more grown up.  Bead Addiction  is the place, we are very experienced in hosting Birthday  parties .  What better way to enjoy a party, its creative its fun and the girls just absolutely love it.  At  Bead Addiction we are quite experienced with helping your daughter and her friends celebrate a special birthday. Quite often we hear that the girls are so excited that they will be coming to Bead Addiction, Many kids have attended birthday parties at BeaAddiction already.  Some  girls have requested having their party at Bead Addiction on a annual event.  Many local kids have come in with their moms or dads yes dads too, sometimes they bring their daughters to make a gift for their mom or grandma. Sometimes its just a great bonding experience for a dad to spend a afternoon working on a project together.  Once they have done this they just cant wait to have a Bead Addiction Birthday party.  When the girls arrive for the party the party area is set up the tables are arranged for the size group.  Each Girl will have her own beading mat and a Extensive  supply of beads. Everything the girls need to  create with is supplied.  Pre party an age appropriate beading project is chosen, Moms and daughters usually come in ahead and pick out the jewelry making project.  We have multiple choices of projects depending on the ages of the children  we also have various price points.  Of course the littler girls have some skill limitations. You choose one project and  many color choices are  available.  The project is made and the girls are excited about their accomplishment.  Many parents opt to have pizza delivered ( we can recommend several options) cake is served and the party is complete.  So many smiling faces !During the party we have age appropriate music some of the choices are Taylor swift, One direction, Frozen and on occasion cd's made by the birthday girl!  Please call for pricing and availability Check out some of the projects available.                               

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