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Walpole Girls raise funds for Circle of Tapawingods, beading supplies, jewelry making, beading classes, learn to bead

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 Circle of Tapawingo is a week-long overnight camp program for girls between the ages of nine and sixteen who have experienced the death of a parent. Their mission is twofold: to offer campers the adventures and fun of living and playing together at a beautiful, traditional overnight camp in Maine while offering them a supportive place in which to share their grief.

 My husband passed away unexpectedly in June, 2010 after a brief illness.   In 2011, my two oldest daughters attended this camp for the first time and loved it!  When my youngest daughter was old enough to attend in 2012, she joined her sisters.   They all look forward to going back every summer.   The camp is provided to all who attend free of charge but as you can imagine there is a cost to running the camp; families were asked to come up with ways to fund raise so that more girls could attend going forward.   We came up with the idea of making and selling bracelets that symbolized hope for those who have lost someone they loved.  We contacted Lydia May from The Bead Addiction in Walpole who helped us design a bracelet that was not only easy to make but would be appealing enough for people to buy. The girls each took a beading class and the project was under way.  Using some beadsjump rings, a button and a piece of leather the girls created a bracelet to sell.   In 4 short months we sold over 150 bracelets and raised over $1000 for the camp which was enough to fund 3 campers.   On more than one occasion, The Bead Addiction has placed special orders for us so that we could keep up with the orders were coming in.  The bracelets were so successful that the camp founder, Sandi Welch, recently asked us to start beading so that the bracelets could be sold on the camp Facebook  page again this year. bea

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