Bead Addiction Miscellaneous Classes 

Bead Addiction offers classes in many beading techniques, we look to add more classes to our already scheduled classes.  If you would like us to add a project or technique let us know we will try to add it to our class schedule.  Our wine bottle teaches you the simple beading technique of netting a technique you could use in many beading projects. Our beaded beads class works with the Right angle weave technique another technique used in many patterns.  Beaded beads make fabulous earrings and necklaces, once learned you will feel confident in trying new variations of these elegant beads, Precious metal clay commonly referred to as PMC will teach you how to work with a clay like substance once fired you have a precious metal piece of jewelry. Some of our projects may involve a beading technique but are a little more crafty, such as the gemstone tree, beaded fairy's,  beaded Christmas spider. All are fun projects for the new beader to make