Learn how to do the Russian Spiral 


Learn the Russian Spiral            Beginner level 

Kim Spooner 

Kim Spooner learn about Kim

December 19th 

11:00 am to 2:00 pm

$30.00 plus materials

During this beading class you will learn how to bead weave the Russian Spiral, This is one of the basic beading stitch's, You begin with a couple sizes of seed beads and a couple different colors and textures  and learn the basic Russian spiral stitch.  Once learned  advance to 3 colors of beads or add   crystals and seed beads creating beautiful color patterns.  With all colors and bead variations you  create a fabulous spiral.  This is perfect  beginner beading class. During the class you will learn how to begin and end the Russian Spiral, you will learn to step up to add the additional rows.  You will also learn a detailed beaded ending stitch to add your clasp, you will be able to incorporate this ending in other beading projects.  This is a must for all bead weaver's. Add this to your library of knowledge.  
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