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Marianne McCarthy or Lydia May Czechmates, superduo,beads,raw

December 13th bead store, beading class, learn to bead, how to bead, Raw

11:00 am to 1:30pm Right angle weave, bead store, raw, Superduo, beads

$25.00 plus materials silky, o beads, superduo, raw,beads,bead store,bead

This Silky Bracelet  flows with a soft elegance, Simple to make and quick to complete. Its a ideal bracelet for a beginner , Learn how to make this elegant cuff style bracelet.   If you choose the right bead combinations the bracelet can be completed to have a reversible effect, you must choose Picasso Silky beads. Picasso silky beads have two different sides to them.  One being Picasso and one being two different tones. If you then add  a tube clasp you can  then create a two sided bracelet.   You are actually able to reverse the bracelet so you have two different looks. The beading pattern is a simple stringing pattern so it is ideal for a beginner or intermediate beading student. Using the new Czechmate two hole beads, some O beads, superduo beads and silky beads you have the most current style bracelet. To make this bracelet you will need a  a clasp, nymo beading thread , silky beads, o beads, superduo beads.  

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Feeling brave,  down load the free pattern, stop into Bead Addiction pickup your beading supplies and give this one silky bracelet a try all on you're own.  If you are not ready for making it by yourself sign up for the beading class and have some bead store fun! 

Silky beading patternmake it take it, make it and take it 

Free beading pattern


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