Viking Knit 

Sept 29th
11am  to 2:00pm
$35.00 plus materials 

During the viking knit wire working class the student will learn how to set up the basic daisy to set up the form to begin weaving  your project off of.  The student will learn the basic viking knit weave.  While at Bead Addiction the student will learn how to remove the weave from the daisy and will learn about using the draw plate to create the basic viking knit weave.  Once the piece has been run thru the draw plate the beading student will learn how to add beading cones and to add a crystal and clasp to complete the bracelet.  The student will complete a bracelet during the class.  Kim Spooner published bead designer had created a set of instructions that will supply you with everything you need to recreate additional bracelets.   Kim will also discuss with you options like adding a center bead, and the double viking knit, so  many wonderful options for this bracelet. Try this in many colors of wire or after the skill of the Viking knit is mastered try it in sterling wire and surprise someone you love with a gorgeous gift  


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               Viking knit wire working class 

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